Niue Vanilla first Pacific food product on Trade Aid shelves

Niue Vanilla International has successfully made it into Trade Aid stores in New Zealand.

Trade Aid CEO Geoff White with Niue Vanilla's Stanley Kalauni shortly after signing the deal at the show.

Trade Aid CEO Geoff White with Niue Vanilla’s Stanley Kalauni shortly after signing the deal at the show.

It is the first time Pacific Island food product will be stocked in all 31 Trade Aid stores after 43 years.  Niue Vanilla’s International Managing Director Stanley Kalauni said Trade Aid would stock the company’s all six lines.  That could potentially be around 2000 Niue vanilla products be in stores by August he said.  They will host in-store promotions to launch the product and show more people how to use the vanilla.  “We will be pushing to get the brand out there and get more exposure in the market,” said Mr Kalauni.

Niue Vanilla International has recently given its labels a face lift with rounded corners, a barcode and nutritional information added.

Trade Aid CEO Geoff White firmed up the agreement with Mr Kalauni during the Auckland Food Show with Niue Vanilla at the PT&I Pacific Hub stand. Trade Aid is mainly known to consumers as a series of not-for-profit stores selling ethnic arts, crafts and products from producers in third world countries from countries such as Africa, South America and India.

But Trade Aid is also an importer and wholesaler of food products selling just 45% of its food products through its retail stores.  The rest of its food products are sold to upmarket food retailers such as Nosh and Faro.   This is precisely the audience Mr White has his eye on for Niue Vanilla.

In the early days, Pacific island products were the main ones on Trade Aid shelves.  But this had fallen to less than 1% over the years.   With the Pacific Islands at New Zealand’s back door step he wanted to bring the Pacific back, he said.

Stanley Kalauni talks to a customer at the show.

Stanley Kalauni talks to a customer at the show.

Niue Vanilla would continue to be sold under its own brand, starting in a few retail stores in Auckland and Wellington.  However, Mr White said he could see Niue Vanilla products being sold through top end 100% food outlets in future.

The agreement has taken three years to come to fruition after they first met at the Pacific Trade Show in Fiji.  Niue’s vanilla stand stood out and the product was ready for the market.  However, they continued to talk and Mr Kalauni believed that gave them more time to grow.  Mr White said he showed the product around and received great feedback.  “It was superb” he said.

Trade Aid is a major deal for Niue Vanilla International, a small family-owned vanilla company formed in Niue in 1991.  The agreement also heralds the return of the Niue vanilla industry who had, in past years struggled to get back to its pre-Cyclone Heta production peak.

Celebrity chef and cook book writer Robert Oliver also gave Niue Vanilla a big boost at the Auckland Food Show demonstration kitchen by inviting Mr Kalauni up on stage to talk about the Niue vanilla during his cooking session with Cindy of Samoa.

For more information, please contact Joe Fuavao, PT&I Trade Development Manager. Email:




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