Niue Vanilla selling sweetly in Auckland’s Trade Aid stores

Looking for 100% Pure Organic Niue Vanilla pods or essence?   It’s now available in selected Trade Aid stores in Auckland.  With the Christmas season nearly upon us, Niue Vanilla International’s Stanley Kalauni is working hard to ensure the Trade Aid stores are getting enough stock for the festive season.

The Niue Vanilla range at a Trade Aid store in Newmarket, Auckland.

The Niue Vanilla range at a Trade Aid store in Newmarket, Auckland.

Pacific Periscope visited Trade Aid in Newmarket and found a full display of Niue Vanilla on show.  The manager said there had been a great response to the product with one person coming in and buying almost the whole lot. The vanilla has just recently gone into Trade Aid Takapuna and Ponsonby but has been available in Newmarket and Silvia Park stores since late August.

The stock ranged from 50ml to 250ml Pure Vanilla Extract.  There was also a new coconut infused vanilla extract, as well as 50gm to 100gm Vacuum packed vanilla beans.

Pacific Trade & Invest (PT&I) has worked with Mr Kalauni and Niue Vanilla International (NVI) for several years. This year, Niue Vanilla International was part of PT&I’s Pacific hub presence at the Auckland Food Show in July. Last year Mr Kalauni attended a one week PT&I Small Islands Developing States (SIDS) Pacific Trade Mission to New Zealand that generated a lot of interest in the various Pacific Islands products. PT&I is assisting NVI with further research.

At the Auckland Food Show, Mr Kalauni finalised a deal with Trade Aid’s CEO Geoff White for Trade Aid’s 31 stores throughout New Zealand to start stocking Niue Vanilla products.

The products at the Ponsonby store.

The products at the Ponsonby store.

That was a major coup for Niue Vanilla International as Mr White said it was the first Pacific Island food product to be sold in Trade Aid stores.  Trade Aid has gradually introduced Niue Vanilla products into its stores, starting with a few stores in Auckland before distributing the products to its other stores in New Zealand.

“The popularity of Niue Vanilla products at the Auckland Food Show and positive responses at the Trade Aid stores show that niche market opportunities exist for high end products from the Pacific Islands if the price is right and the quality can be maintained,” said Joe Fuavao, PT&I Trade Development Manager.

Meanwhile, back in Niue there’s a fascinating story behind some of the organic vanilla growers who are Niue Nana’s.  Some are tending and nurturing their vanilla plots but also passing on their passion and know how to their little grandchildren.

Pacific Periscope found photos of some of the growers being featured on the Niue Vanilla page.

Mrs Vaimohe Tuineau of Makefu village with her grandchildren.

Mrs Vaimohe Tuineau of Makefu village with her grandchildren.

Mrs Vaimohe Tuineau of Makefu Village is one of the few elders in the village. Pictured with her grandchildren and little helpers, Niue Vanilla posted how she loves working on her vanilla plot and is proud that she is still able to maintain the plot with her family. Mrs Tuineau is another member of the Niue Organic Farmers Association (NIOFA) and is a proud Biogro NZ certified organic grower.   Another grower is Mrs Maryanne Talagi who enjoys working on her vanilla plot with her grand-daughter Mautofiga.

Mrs Talagi is the Deputy Chairperson of NIOFA. The pair love checking on their vanilla plants and little Mautofiga loves helping to collect the mature beans. Mrs Talagi also cures her own vanilla. She is also one of the growers that sometimes sells her vanilla beans to Mr Kalauni.  Niue Vanilla International on its Facebook page says Niue Vanilla will soon be available at Trade Aid stores in New Plymouth, Kirikiriroa, Tauranga, Whangarei, Havelock North, Taupo, Wellington, Napier, Rotorua and Timaru.

For more information please contact Joe Fuavao, PT&I Trade Development Manager at

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