NZ-Fiji Business Council to mark 30 years with conference

The New Zealand Fiji Business Council and its sister organisation the Suva-based Fiji New Zealand Business Council are holding their annual joint conference in Auckland on Thursday 15 June. This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of the New Zealand Fiji Business Council. The past 30 years have not been without political ups and downs for New Zealand and Fiji. However, trade and economic linkages have remained resilient and underpinned the relationship between the two countries over that time.

The two business councils have played a vital role in providing a line of communication for businesses in both countries and have worked together effectively with regular business missions and engagement.

The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Strong Relations Stronger Nations.’

Interestingly, the conference comes exactly a month after the New Zealand Fiji Business Council embarks on a business mission to Fiji between May 15 and 19. Pacific Periscope published a story on this forthcoming mission in the last edition.

Fiji is New Zealand’s largest trading partner in the Pacific. Two-way trade is in growth mode, with trade-in-goods totalling more than NZ$518 million last year.  If trade-in-services, tourism, investment and remittance flows are added to the mix, this dynamic economic relationship adds up to NZ$1 billion.

Both business councils’ membership has grown in response to this vibrant economic relationship, NZ-Fiji Business Council spokesperson told Pacific Periscope.

This year’s conference will focus on how New Zealand and Fiji can continue to build a strong economic partnership to the benefit of both countries.

Prime Ministers and Trade Ministers from both Fiji and New Zealand have been extended formal invitations. The conference will be a one day programme concluding with cocktails and dinner at the Pullman Hotel.

The conference will be a one day programme concluding with cocktails and dinner at the Pullman Hotel.

For further information please contact the NZ Fiji Business Council on or phone +64 9 302 9932.

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