The Pacific Islands’ Waste Problems and the role of Japan lecture.

The public enjoy the Pacific Islands’ Waste Problems and the role of Japan lecture, at Meiji University. 

Waste disposal issues throughout the Pacific, and potential solutions to these problems, were the focus of a public lecture at Meiji University in Tokyo.

Staged at the Surugadai Campus on December 7, the Fall Semester lecture – Pacific Islands’ Waste Problems and the role of Japan – was hosted by Meiji University and Pacific Islands Centre (PIC).

Shiro Amano, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Adviser for Waste Management and President of Inspirare Academy of International Development, presented the lecture.

The JICA is a governmental agency that coordinates Official Development Assistance for the government of Japan.

During Shiro’s lecture, he explained the issues surrounding waste problems of Pacific Island Countries and backed this up by introducing the innovative Japanese Technical Cooperation Project for Promotion of Regional Initiative on Solid Waste Management in Pacific Island Countries (J-PRISM (※) project), which JICA supports.

This is JICA’s wide-area project for the Pacific, which aims to achieve independence and growth of waste management in the area by capacity building – human resources, institutional improvements and the like.

Shiro also showed video clips of selected Pacific countries, to highlight what happens with their waste, and management of it, including composting of food remnants. He also looked at the rising awareness of the community through environmental education.

The lecture was a hit with the audience, who had many questions following the presentation.

For more information, visit PIC.

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