Participants lavish praise on PTI NZ Auckland event

The five-day Pacific Path to Market Trade Mission was held in Auckland concluding Tuesday, 9 April.

The Cloud on Auckland’s picturesque waterfront will host the participating Pacific Island companies featuring their products on Saturday 6 April. The event is open to the public.

Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) New Zealand hosted the one-day trade expo component of the mission, branded as ‘Path to the Pacific’, for the first time and held this event indoors at Auckland’s popular downtown waterfront venue, The Cloud.

This proved a good decision for a number of reasons: The Impact of the Christchurch massacre lead to the cancellation of Pasifika in Auckland and the postponement of Polyfest – and on the day of the Expo it flooded down with rain!

PTI NZ avoided serious financial ramifications by not being part of neither Pasifika nor Polyfest and by being indoors we limited the impact of the weather on our event and attendance.

At the end of the five days, we surveyed our clients and whilst there are always operational issues we can improve on the overall tenor of the responses were very positive. I wish to share some of the generic (non company specific) feedback with you:

Thank you PTI for your amazing work look forward to next year.
Ms Mona Taio, BTIB, Cook Islands

Story Telling is the most important thing. I will be using this to sell my products in the future. Keep up the Good work, thank you so much PTI.
Ms Iva Chan Chu, Head to Toes, Samoa

I congratulate the PTI Team for a successful workshop. We have been blessed with the knowledge to improve our companies. God Bless you all.
Ms Yoritauna Gordlina, Triple Tees, Samoa

Accommodation and Transport were perfect.
Ms Emele Vunisei, Makala Naturals, Fiji Islands

For Next Year can billeting be done where there is a Lounge Bar for after workshop networking with participants?
Mr Praveen Narayan, Green Gold Kava, Fiji Islands

 Thank you this was an opportunity for us. Grateful and looking forward to more.
Ms Mariana Phillip, Bokwarijot Beauty Products, Republic of the Marshall Islands

 We are very happy to have been invited.
Mr Tevita  Pola’apau,  Pola’apau Arts,  Tonga  

 Thank you PTI New Zealand for this partnership and we are looking forward to working together again in the future.
Mr John Paul Alasia,  Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce, Solomon Islands

I take with me an experience in many products representative of the Pacific Islands. I would like to congratulate the PTI 2019 team for a tremendous job in coordinating this event.
Ms Dana Roape Authentic PNG, Papua New Guinea

Congratulations PTI on your very first self-hosted Event/ Exhibition. All credit and appreciation to you! Every one of our PNG delegation is keen to participate again next time.
Ms Daure Kiromat, Investment Promotion Organisation, Papua New Guinea

Everything was perfect and I would like to thank PTI for organising Path to Market.
Mr Jack Chottu, Chottu’s Guadalcanal Products , Solomon Islands

Really appreciate this well organised event. Thanks for your great effort.
Ms Zhang Weixia, Kaiming Agro Processing Limited, Fiji Islands

I cannot thank you enough for all the work you have done to help us in the Pacific. May God Bless you all.
Mr Kennedy Penitani, Pacific Kingdom Cracker Biscuits, Tonga

I would like to say thank you to PTI it is always an honour to be invited and learn more each year. I love listening to the PTI team and learning from their advice. Vinaka.
Ms Jessy Mocelutu , Essence Group,  Fiji Islands                                                                                               

I would like to thank PTI and its staff for your support and everything. I am empowered by all of you! I really appreciated everything. God bless you all.
Ms Akosita Huahulu Haunga, Hualulu Fine Art, Tonga

Keep up the Good hosting of this event!
Mr Sefutewi Liki, Nawumaga Community, Tuvalu

I am so happy to be part of this programme because it gives me courage to move on with my business and I was happy to meet buyers for my product.
Ms Shirly Mani, Sol Kava, Solomon Islands

I would like to thank the PTI team, the people of the Marae, the guests, the buyers, the Mentors and all the companies. From the first day to the last day I feel lucky to be part of this. Even for the second time there were huge learnings for our work, me personally from the range of exchanges. Thank you Mauruuru for doing this for us -it helps us keep growing.
Ms Poevaiva, Nesian, Tahiti


I would like to thank the 38 companies that attended the Path to Market Programme, the 60 companies that exhibited at The Cloud and the over 80 employees who attended the workshops over the five days.

Thank you for all your feedback and yes there are some things to improve on!

Ian will be in touch over the next 3 months as we gather the financial data and of course many of you will see us again soon as we start the delivery programme for Path to Market for 2020.

Finally I too would like to thank the PTI team, the three Interns who came back to assist with the programme and our partners who put up with our absences for nearly a fortnight.

We too learnt a lot firstly from our clients, our buyers but we also learnt we can deliver this programme in its entirety and we learnt we can do it better!

Best Wishes

Michael Greenslade
Trade & Investment Commissioner, PTI NZ

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