PTI Acting Trade and Investment Commissioner Manuel Valdez (left) and Trade Development Manager Ian Furlong visit with Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chief Executive Officer Astrid Boulekone, in Port Vila.

Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) New Zealand’s partnership with various local economic development agencies (EDA) throughout the region presents win-win situations for everyone involved.

This was the case in Vanuatu recently, when PTI joined forces with the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) during September at its Path to Market and Investment Profiling Workshop in Port Vila.

The VCCI is Vanuatu’s national private sector organisation, with a 16-member council.

Its intention is to make a unique and significant contribution to the future of the country by representing the private sector in dialogue with government and others, and by providing effective business development services across the country.

Acting Trade and Investment Commissioner for PTI Manuel Valdez says it is always good to partner with the EDA in host countries, to market and promote the workshop, covering different topics on trade and investment, aimed at building businesses capabilities.

“It is a win-win situation primarily because VCCI can increase its membership numbers, recruiting those participants who are not yet members, while also marketing PTI’s workshop to local entrepreneurs,” he adds.

While in Port Vila, PTI senior staff met with Chief Executive Officer of VCCI Astrid Boulekone, who was able to bring in numerous small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to the workshop.

The participants come from a range of industries, such as agriculture, fisheries, food and beverages, tourism, handicrafts, and annual crops.

“These participants found it very useful to learn about the challenges and issues in the export and investment sectors and how to overcome those challenges effectively,” Manuel says.

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