Path to the Pacific shines spotlight on B2B opportunities

Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) New Zealand’s recently organised Path to the Pacific Event at The Cloud in downtown Auckland was highly successful in generating business to business opportunities, says PTI NZ Chief Investment Officer Manuel Valdez.

John Hong (left) and Michael Greenslade.

“Pacific exporters met with a number of buyers and/or investors who are willing not only buy their products but also to invest in some selected businesses,” Mt Valdez said.

Mr Valdez said John Hong, Chief Executive Officer of the One Belt, One Road Council New Zealand and Tate Hui, Chairman of the NZ Intangible Cultural Heritage Centre were delighted to have met with the Pacific Island exporters and expressed interested to buy selected products and further process and/or repackage, rebrand them and re-export to Asia, Europe, and the United States, while at the same time promoting the countries of origin on the packaging and promotional materials.

“One good thing in this business model is that they will buy the commodities from the Pacific exporters and undertake the risk of selling them to different countries. It means that they will put-their-money-where-their-mouth-is of importing those goods to the NZ market,” Mr Valdez said.

The two NZ-based Chinese companies are also interested to put up a warehouse and processing facility to further process, package those selected products and re-export them to China and other Asian countries.

“This is a solid investment and a great milestone in the Path to the Pacific event. They even told PTI NZ Trade Commissioner Michael Greenslade that they are also planning a joint venture with the Pacific exporters to expand their agriculture production, process in New Zealand and export them to different countries. Another investment milestone in the making,” Mr Valdez added.

During the ‘speed-dating’ activity as part of the PTI NZ Path to Market programme at the Te Mahurehure Marae in Auckland after the one-day expo at The Cloud, the Pacific exporters presented their products to several buyers for possible tie-ups in the New Zealand market.

“Mr Hong and Mr Hui wasted no time to talk to several Pacific exporters and examined their products if these would be acceptable in the international market. After a week, they went to different parts of China and talked to possible buyers,” Mr Valdez said.

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