Peter Lund’s Visit to PTI office in Auckland

After a year of assignments in Japan, Deputy High Commissioner and Counselor Peter Lund paid a visit to the PTI Auckland Office earlier this month, where he was received by a committee headed by Acting Trade & Investment Commissioner Manuel Valdez and Trade Development Manager Ian Furlong. They were joined by Senior Adviser Joe Fuavao of NZ MFAT and engaged in a very lively discussion on recent happenings in Auckland, aimed at trade and investment. The foremost subject on the agenda was to report the success of the recent Pacific Expo in Indonesia, where Mr. Manuel Valdez himself was a speaker on the panel. The expo, held July 12th through July 14th, saw exporters from a wide variety of nations – Tonga, Cook Islands, Solomon Islands, Samoa, French Polynesia, Tuvalu, Fiji, Federated States of Micronesia, Kiribati, Niue, Vanuatu, and Palau all saw strong representation. Apart from these representatives, various economic development agencies also participated actively.

After briefing the counselor on the success of the Pacific Expo, the delegation moved to discuss more recent events, with a Food Show held at the ASB showgrounds in Ellerslie on the 25th of July taking up the bulk of the conversation. A PTI backed event, the food garnered massive interest, bringing in numerous visitors and potential investors. Moreover, the PTI directly sponsored nine exporters, among which two were newcomers. With exporters like Three Hundred Islands and Zonah United from Fiji, the event also saw international representation and was considered by PTI to be a success. Acting Trade and Investment Commissioner, Mr. Manuel Valdez also reported that the Pacific Exporters were very impressed with coordination, planning and implementation done by the PTI Auckland Office, before proceeding to discuss future plans.

Tonga. As Mr. Lund was recently reassigned to the Pacific Island of Tonga, Mr. Valdez gave the counselor a hands-on rundown of what was being worked on in Tonga. Mr. Lund was told that the PTI Auckland Office had actively put certain plans in place, particularly those encouraging trade and investment. With constant correspondence with the Ministry of Trade and Economic Development, the PTI Auckland Office aimed to work with local entrepreneurs, manufacturers and exporters to further economic development in the area, with great emphasis on organic methods of development. One such initiative highlighted by Mr. Valdez was the Financial Literacy Workshop, which facilitated educational courses and events centered around investment and optimizing their productive capabilities. To illustrate his point, Mr. Valdez also cited recent examples, such as one particular group of Tongan seasonal workers, who had invested in developing a network of small fishing business in their villages. These workers saw immense and almost immediate benefits, while also allowing them to optimize their efficiency, as they developed a sustainable business that could generate income while they worked on the orchard farms in New Zealand, truly highlighting the potential of such initiatives in the region.

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Peter Lund with Pacific Trade Invest Team

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