PIC’s Tokyo seminar on Japan’s Pacific Islands policy

In the northern hemisphere spring and autumn every year, Meiji University and Pacific Islands Centre (PIC), the Tokyo based office of the Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) Network, hold joint seminars at the Meiji University Liberty Academy, in which PIC invites experts to deliver lectures on such topics as the nature and culture of the Pacific Islands, international relations and more.

The joint seminar in progress.

On May 27, this year’s spring seminar was held at the Global Front of Meiji University. The subject of the seminar was ‘Japan needs to clarify its diplomatic policy towards Pacific Islands’. PIC invited professor Izumi Kobayashi from Osaka Gakuin University and president of the Japan Pacific Islands Association as a lecturer, to speak of the changes in international relations with the Pacific Islands in recent years, as well as the importance of Japan’s diplomatic policy toward such changes.

Professor Kobayashi pointed out that the future vision of Japanese diplomatic policy with the Pacific Islands should now be clearly constructed, since less than a year remains before the Eighth Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting will be held. Nearly 90 people attended the seminar.

After the lecture, one attendee said, “We understand that the Pacific Islands, which we don’t usually hear about, are drawing more attention from the international community, so we would like to keep our eyes open to news regarding relations with the Pacific Islands.”

Tongan artist’s works on show at Tokyo International Art Fair 2017

Prominent Tongan artist Uili Lousi participated with PIC’s support.

On May 26 and 27, the Tokyo International Art Fair was held in Shibuya’s Hikarie complex. This event is a festival for international exchange through art, across differences in languages and cultures. More than 150 artists from over 40 countries showcased contemporary art using various materials and techniques. Their artworks also could be purchased directly on site. This was the third time the event was held in Tokyo.

Uili Lousi, a prominent artist in Tonga, participated in this fair with PIC’s support. His works were created to blend the traditional Tonga pattern with modern sensibility, and attracted interest from buyers and other artists who had come to the fair.

Mr. Lousi said, “I would like to thank PIC as well as the Japanese and Tongan governments that gave me an opportunity to participate in this fair, and I am very much proud of attending the art fair at the global scale.” He also expressed his wish to participate in similar art events in the future.

To view Uili Lousi’s artworks displayed at Tokyo and his other works, visit his website at http://www.uililousistudio.com/news

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