PIFS Secretary General visits PIC Tokyo

Dame Meg Taylor, Secretary General of Pacific Islands Forum, and her staff visited the Pacific Islands Centre (PIC) on May 2, while traveling to Japan to attend the annual meeting of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Yokohama. PIC is an office of the Pacific Trade Invest network of the Pacific Islands Forum.

PIFS Secretary General Dame Meg Taylor at the PIC offices in Tokyo.

PIC Director Roy Saito welcomed them and explained PIC’s current activities and work plan for 2017. Secretary General Taylor acknowledged PIC’s facilitation in importing products from the Pacific Islands to the Japanese market. She also requested PIC to continue promoting business in the Pacific Islands in cooperation with other PTI offices in the network.

After the meeting, PIC invited Secretary General Taylor and her staff to a luncheon with John Fritz, Ambassador of the Federated States of Micronesia, Francis Matsutaro, Ambassador of the Republic of Palau, and Annette Note, Charge d’affaires (Counsellor) of the Republic of the Marshal Islands. They shared opinions on PIC’s activities and the PTI Network with the three Micronesian countries.

The ambassadors commented on such issues as the liberalization of the labor market both within the region and with Japan, negotiations on fishing, and regional air routes.

Ambassador Fritz praised the Investment Guidebook in Japanese, which was published by PIC last year. Ambassador Matsutaro commended the cooperation between the Palau Visitors Authority and PIC to promote tourism in Japan. Ms. Note thanked PIC for its efforts for the electric vehicle ‘social experiment’ by Honda, as well as the establishment of a rear cart factory in Majuro in March this year.

For more information please email Yoko Yuki at yukiy@pic.or.jp

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