Papua New Guinea’s ‘Authentic PNG’ sells a wide range of arts and crafts via its Facebook page. Business owner Dana Kurari-Roape will be attending Pacific Trade Invest New Zealand’s Path to Market programme in Auckland from 4-9 April.  This year, the programme allows for businesses to showcase their products at PTI NZ’s Path to the Pacific Trade Show at The Cloud in Auckland on April 6.

More than 40+ Pacific Island businesses will attend Path to Market in Auckland. Companies were identified at the local in-country Path to Market workshop as exporters or potential exporters to New Zealand.  They are then invited to attend the Auckland Path to Market programme that includes showcasing at an event followed by feedback workshops, site visits and one-to-one business meetings. Authentic PNG’s Facebook page is its shop front and lives up to its name.

Products on show and for sale at The Cloud are: sublimated printed tees featuring PNG patterns and motifs; Bilum — traditional handmade string bags once used by women to carry babies and household items (these bags are handmade with traditional twine or wool and coloured string.  The bags are growing in popularity in Australia and other non-traditional markets); traditional fine carvings; handmade pottery and finely woven cane products not usually seen in New Zealand.  Some of these products are available to buy via her APNG Facebook page. Orders are taken and then freighted to the buyers.

“We identify and source unique pieces from talented rural artists,” Ms Kurari-Roape said.

Her business opened in 2014. In 2018 Ms Kurari-Roape attended the Path to Market workshop in Port Moresby where she was selected by the local economic development agency to come to Auckland.

Whilst on the workshop she wants to, “Observe and learn as much as I can. And to understand what PTI has been doing and how APNG can be part of this great adventure with PTI NZ.”

Another important aim is taking her learnings from her Auckland experience back home. She wanted to apply this to her business operation local and international.

“I find PNG and New Zealand have commonality as cultural people and so both nationals respectively love the rich diversified cultures, the land and its people.”

We tend to love our culture displayed in today’s contemporary world.

Authentic PNG has customers from New Zealand enquiring and wanting to buy our cane baskets/trays, natural fibre Bilums (bags) and carvings. PNG cane products lasts a lifetime and so it APNG would like to be the catalyst in providing the long-lasting household product to New Zealand consumers, she wrote in her email.

“Happy to find a market in NZ to provide in large quantity. We will bring samples for the market day,” she said.

For more information email Ian Furlong, PTI Trade Development Manager, on

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