PTI China promotes island tourism at travel summit in China

This year is has been named the China-Pacific Islands Year of Tourism, and Beijing-based Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) China has been involved in a range of activities to promote island destinations in this Pacific themed year.

Panellists Vivienne Song (PTI China Tourism Manager) moderator; Mona Mato, Acting TC; the director for China Tourism Institution International Department founder of; Mr Yang, Deputy Marketing director for General Manager for Meet the Islands travel agency.

China’s National Tourism Magazine invited PTI China to participate in last week’s ‘2019 Tailor-made Agents high-end Summit’, where more than 200 tailor-made or tour operators that design bespoke itineraries and industry experts attended.

“This was an exciting opportunity to raise awareness of the Pacific brand and the region in China,” Mona Mato, PTI China Acting Trade Commissioner told Pacific Periscope following the event on July 10.

“Increased demand for bespoke itineraries is an emerging trend in China with growing numbers of affluent, ypung professionals who don’t have time to plan their itineraries, but who will spend money on professional advise for quality experience. So, the travel agents and operators that attended were catering to this market,” Mr Mato said.

PTI China took the initiative to host a panel discussion on ‘Opportunities and Challenges that the Year of Tourism offers to the Pacific Islands’. The panellists of this session included major industry figures including the founder of, General Manager for Meet the Islands Travel Agency, the Director for China Tourism Institution International Department Mr Yang, and the Deputy Marketing Director for

Acting Trade Commissioner Mato was also on the panel providing an overview on tourism opportunities in the Pacific. The panellists shared their views and experiences in promoting the Pacific region from different market perspectives.

Speaking on the panel, Mr Mato said, “The Chinese government has identified tourism as one of its development priorities and it actually allows us to draw on each other’s strengths, our mutual cooperation and support with each other. The aim for us is to provide a win-win situation to achieve key outcomes for both China and the Pacific.

“As the Pacific office that promotes trade, investments and tourism opportunities in the Pacific, we are pleased to be a part of this event.”

PTI China Tourism Manager Vivienne Song told Pacific Periscope: “The year of tourism puts the Pacific Islands under the spotlight, it is a not-to-miss opportunity for the Pacific to leverage all the media exposure.

“The key result we have received from this event is the linkage between Pacific Islands and the niche market experts, to have our industry partners start to realise that there is much to be discovered in the Pacific Islands – from pristine natural beauty to culture, food and unique local experiences.”

Before the summit, Mr Mato had an official meeting with the Director of China Tourism institution, Mr Dai, for an in-depth discussion regarding the future collaboration on the marketing research and strategy plan formulation.

Mr Dai said he is impressed to see PTI China take the initiative in promoting the China-Pacific Islands Year of Tourism, which is one of their key project sfor 2019. China Tourism Institution is developing an annual research report for the Pacific Islands Tourism market due for completion end of this year. Mr Dai expressed his willingness to work together with PTI China.

Mr Mato said, “China Pacific Tourism Year gives our Pacific countries the opportunity to develop and strengthen our visibility as Pacific Island destinations. It also prompts our thinking around developing tourism products that the average Chinese traveller is looking for, therefore as a region we should be strategic in our approach to China’s market as an emerging market.”

For more information, email PTI China Tourism Promotions Manager Vivienne Song on

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