PT&I database helps investor identify Cooks opportunity (V3-S4-16)

In 2001, Pacific Trade & Invest (PT&I)’s Auckland and Sydney offices initiated a joint project of publishing a first-ever brochure of Investment Opportunities, which was a compilation of several investment-ready projects in 14 Pacific Island countries.

Muri Beach Villas located in Rarotonga, Cook Islands has been acquired by a New Zealand investor.

Muri Beach Villas located in Rarotonga, Cook Islands has been acquired by a New Zealand investor.

The list of investment opportunities ranges from agriculture, tourism projects, manufacturing, fishery, forestry, agricultural lands for sale, agribusiness, merchandise business, food and beverages, retail and wholesale outlets.

The maiden issue of the brochure was distributed to the participants of the Forum Leaders Meeting in 2011 in Auckland.

The ever-increasing costs of paper-based publishing and the growth of online technologies and networked devices presented opportunities to both Sydney and Auckland offices to take the publication of investment ready projects online, promoted by the PT&I website, social media, and email marketing. Subsequently, updated versions of the publication were continually uploaded making the latest content available to interested potential investors.

This new strategic direction has now made the e-investment brochure globally accessible and downloadable for printing, increasing the exposure of investible projects in the Pacific Islands to a worldwide audience.

The PT&I team acknowledges that investment projects usually take a while before they can translate into real investment. A number of factors need to be satisfied in order to make it happen. Potential investors need to do a thorough due diligence on the interested investment-ready projects.  They need to know the general market condition in the country, political issues and challenges, ease of doing business, company performance, management situation, financial viability of the project, return on investment, human resources, and several other factors.

Recently, one investment successfully jumped through all the hoops in the Cook Islands: Muri Beach Villas located in Rarotonga, Cook Islands has been acquired by a New Zealand investor. A senior management staff member confirmed the sale of the Muri Beach Villas to PT&I NZ Head of Investment and Chief Operating Officer Manuel Valdez.

“It is always heartening to see our initiatives being transformed into real investments in the Pacific Islands.  Pacific countries have a lot to offer particularly with their rich natural resources and beautiful pristine white beaches,” Mr Valdez told Pacific Periscope.

Interior of one of the villas.

Interior of one of the villas.

Mr Valdez expects the spill-over effects of this investment project to result in a number of positive developments for communities in the Cook Islands: it will generate employment particularly among women and youth; it will consume local agricultural produce and therefore encourage locals to grow more of vegetables and fruit; promote and preservation of socio-cultural traditions while encouraging business development through the sourcing of local raw materials, particularly food and beverages, construction materials for renovation of physical structures; and develop communities.

The PT&I Auckland Office is now in the process of updating the Investment Opportunities and uploaded the new ones on to the new landing page that interested investors can access at .

For more information email Manuel Valdez PT&I COO and Head of Investments:

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