PTI NZ Path to Market workshops more popular

Pacific Trade Invest New Zealand’s Path to Market workshop programme has grown in popularity over the past 3 years. Trade Commissioner Michael Greenslade believes more than 700 participants have been through the Path to Market programme during that time.  It was also praised by the International Trade Centre.

“In our Benchmarking Audit in 2017 the International Trade Centre opined Path to Market as World Best Practice for Programmes of its type,” Mr Greenslade said.

Mr Greenslade and Trade Development Manager Ian Furlong are currently in Micronesia delivering the Path to Market programme.

The first two workshops in Palau and Yap were successfully delivered.  Further workshops will be in held Chuuk, Pohnpei and Majuro this week.

In 2017, workshops were held in 10 Pacific Island countries in 16 cities or centres.  They also ventured off the beaten track to deliver a Path to Market workshop in Gizo, Solomon Islands gaining very positive feedback. Two more Path to Market workshops are planned for Papua New Guinea in December.

The Path to Market programme is a structured approach to understanding and entering the New Zealand market. There are 7 steps in the programme starting with the Pacific Island based capacity building workshop; linking to local Economic Development partners and identification and selection of potential export companies for a trade mission to New Zealand, Market testing at Pasifika Festival, Gap Analysis workshop, business to business meeting, Iwi engagement and the True Pacific online opportunity.

Mr Greenslade reported back to Pacific Periscope on the Micronesian workshops so far.

Path to Market workshop in Palau attracted good numbers.

In Palau, the workshop partnered with the Palau Chamber of Commerce. It was attended by 20 people made up of 13 women and 7 men. It was also an opportunity to touch base with previous participants from the Path to Market workshops.

“It was great to catch up Tarita and Bernice who had attended Path to Market in New Zealand in 2017 and 2016 respectively,” Mr Greenslade said.


Great turnout for Path to Market held in Yap.

In Yap, the workshop partnered jointly with the Chamber of Commerce and the State Government of Yap. The Director/Minister responsible for Trade and Investment attended the full workshop. The workshop was also attended by 20 people with 10 men and 10 momen.

In both countries, bilateral discussions were held with Government officials, key private sector organisations, sector leads and existing Exporters.

Typically, the workshops run from 8:30am to 5pm breaks for morning and afternoon tea and lunch.

“Ian and I co-share the presentation responsibilities which means I get some down time to analyse what happens in one of our workshops,” Mr Greenslade said.

The program runs over four sessions averaging a little over 100 minutes each. The day involves the delivery of 15 interactive modules which use 6 case studies, 8 workshops. Participants are given 9 checklists or templates as takeaway tools for their business adaption.  Modules are highly visual including video. On average each workshop has around 20- 25 registered participants.

To participate in the Path to Market workshops, companies register with the local Economic Development Agency (EDA) partners such as the Chamber of Commerce.

Each participant company formally completes a Business Profile and a Workshop Feedback Form.

Participants are primarily from the Private Sector seeking to build Export Capability but may not be exporting yet. The other attendees included Government Trade Officials and Private Sector Organisations.

Following on from the Path to Market workshops in 2016, 25 Pacific Island exporters and potential exporters attended Auckland’s Pasifika Festival. Other companies were also invited to participate the Auckland Food Show and the Chocolate and Coffee Shows in the next steps of the programme.

For more information on the Path to Market workshop programme please contact Ian Furlong, PTI NZ Trade Development Manager on


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