By Michael Greenslade, PTI NZ Trade & Investment Commissioner

Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) recently attended the New Zealand Papua New Guinea Business Council (NZPNG-BC) Trade Mission.

In addition to the trade mission duties, Ian Furlong and myself delivered two Path to Market workshops.

The first was in in Port Moresby and the second was in Alotau on the beautiful Milne Bay.

From left: Ian Furlong, Michael Greenslade and Dave Conn.

Our good friend Dave Conn, previously CEO of the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce, now lives in Alotau and Dave and his daughter Rhona assisted us to attract local businesses to attend our workshop.

Path to Market in Alotau turned out to be a huge success with PTI NZ achieving its highest ever attendance at a Path to Market Workshop with 38 participants made up of 21 men and 17 women which is also a very good gender balance!

I think Rhona rounded up half the business community in Milne Bay!

On behalf of the NZPNG-BC I was asked to make a presentation to Dave on their behalf to recognise the service Dave has provided the council and the various trade missions he has supported over the years.

The Council gave Dave a piece of Pounamu which was passed around the Alotau participants attending our workshop prior to the presentation.

Dave was delighted and it was great to see that the next day he was still wearing it with pride!

We have a photo of Dave wearing the Pounamu and carrying the traditional wry Scottish smile we know and love!

Our thanks go to Rhona for keeping the secret and getting Dave to attend our workshop for the presentation and we also look forward to engaging with both Rhona and Dave in their business’s in Alatau in the future!

Kia Kaha
Mike Greenslade

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