Funding Interest for Renewable Energy Projects in Blue Pacific

In July, PTI NZ partnered with internationally renowned climate and impact fund manager Camco Clean Energy (Camco) to deliver an informational webinar.

The webinar targetted audiences with an interest in the region’s Renewable Energy sector. These included agencies with interest in private sector financing, investors, Investment Authorities, and others.

PTI NZ’s Investment Focus

Pacific Trade Invest New Zealand (PTI NZ) has been working on attracting private sector fund managers to the Pacific Islands. This is to complement the donor funding already committed to the Pacific Islands.

PTI NZ wants to firstly provide governments and private sector entities with the knowledge on how to assess what makes a renewable energy project feasible. Secondly PTI NZ also wants to deliver insight into what private funders require in an investable project.

Renewable Energy a Key Focus But Not Without Barriers

Renewable energy is a top priority for the Blue Pacific but there are several hurdles to overcome. Grid connectivity is a huge issue. Also an issue is the amount of diesel still being used across many Pacific Nations.

“Finding funding to help businesses, governments and communities’ transition away from diesel is a challenge,” says Trade Commissioner Glynis Miller.

“Inconsistent government regulations make it difficult for funders to invest into every market and those with more investor friendly policies will benefit the most from the inflow of capital into the Pacific.

“Having the right organisations to deliver projects in remote areas in the Pacific Islands is also a challenge, but with more projects the viability to set up these types of organisations will make more commercial sense.”

Partnering with Fund Managers

Screenshot during Geoff Sinclair’s presentation

The informational webinar was a great opportunity for participants to hear directly from the Managing Director of Camco – Geoff Sinclair. He discussed how to identify renewable energy prospects and then how to find funding.

Also presenting in the webinar was international development advisor Zach Bloomfield from GET.invest, a European programme that mobilises investment in renewable energy in developing countries.

GET.invest are keen to bring their expertise to the Pacific Islands to complement Camco’s abilities on the ground. Both organisations have substantial experience in renewable energy particularly in the African continent.

Who Needs Renewable Energy

Every organisation needs energy, but some don’t know what their options are. Data received by PTI NZ indicates the Blue Pacific is in a good position to really benefit from renewable energy. Provided by the Pacific Power Association (PPA) this data is crucial for PTI NZ when attracting funds like Camco to the Pacific.

PTI Investment Consultant Graeme Saunders says getting a pipeline of opportunities flowing is key.

“We want everyone to review their operations and know whether renewable energy is a worthwhile area for them. This webinar provided the knowledge for participants to make an initial assessment.”

Watch the full informational webinar on the PTI NZ YouTube channel, or access the presentation.

If you have a project or would like assistance in assessing your renewable energy options then contact us at

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