Nineteen-year-old Riley Birtwistle has joined the Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) New Zealand team as intern. Riley is his second to last year of university.

Riley Bertwistle has joined the PTI NZ team as intern.

“I was born in New Zealand and have some Samoan and Maori heritage but have also lived in Dubai for two years where I completed some of my schooling,” Riley told Pacific Periscope.

He completed high school at Auckland Grammar where he then decided to carry on studies at Auckland University of Technology.

“I am studying a Bachelor of Business where my two majors are marketing and management and will take a total of three years to complete.”

Riley will work part time at PTI NZ while he finishes his studies.

“I look forward to learning more about trade with the Pacific and the growth within those economies. My two majors are marketing and management which I wish to apply to this role and become more effective in the workplace and more diligent in my studies.”

Riley believes it will be helpful for him to be able to apply the learned theory to the actual role.

“Some of my interests include travelling, where I like to experience different cultures and getting to meet new people. I have been fortunate enough to do some travel that was easily accessible living in Dubai but look forward to doing more,” he said.

Riley also has an interest in rugby and has played for school and club. His current club is GrammarTec where he plays in the under-20s grade.

“I also enjoy cooking food for other people, as one of my previous jobs was in a kitchen and had to perform under pressure,” he added.

What does young Riley hope to achieve working at PTI NZ?

“My ambitions are to learn as much as possible from people around me and the people leading the way in terms of helping other businesses grow. My interest is in seeing how Pacific trade affects both sides in terms of New Zealand markets and the Pacific countries’ economies.

“I also look forward to getting an insight into the trade of businesses between countries and competing markets. There is a lot to learn from PTI in terms of the connections they make and the network they have around them. Using that network to improve emerging businesses out of the Pacific is very important too.

“I expect to gain some good personal skills and be able to fit into the full time workforce after I finish my degree,” he said.

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