2018 was the year of growing… growing up, growing older and hopefully a little bit wiser.  I have had an awesome half year here at PTI NZ learning a bunch of new things including life lessons of how to use a coffee machine! Jokes aside, I have truly learnt a lot being a part of this business and how relationships are made.

Our Path to Market workshops were a success this year once again. These are run all over the Pacific for capability building for local businesses. I was fortunate to go on a Path to Market workshop to my home country of Samoa which was great seeing the work and relationship building in action.

It was cool to see the people who are driving the support for Samoa’s local businesses and the entrepreneurs who own the businesses and are putting in huge effort to better their companies and products.

I have loved meeting new people and learning new things from them. PTI has opened my eyes to the endless opportunities and also the more work that can be done for the pacific economy. Working under the experienced staff at PTI has been great and has taught me I have a long way to go to where I want to be.

University studies have also gone well, although some papers were tough, I have pushed through and enjoyed the new learnings of management and marketing this year. I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for PTI and hope we experience the same success and more.

For everyone else I hope 2019 brings you many blessings and a prosperous year. Just wanted to thank PTI NZ for taking me on board and I look forward to our future endeavours.

Riley Birtwistle

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