Sakura looks back at her PTI NZ Internship

I am extremely grateful for my time with Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) NZ. Having been exposed to both the office administration side of PTI and participating in tasks involving trade and investment, it is fair to say that this experience has taught me a lot in a short time frame, and I will be taking with me many learned skills for my future career path.

Ms Aoki-Danielson is interning with PTI NZ until mid-February.

During my stint with PTI I have been filling in the role of Office Administration. I was placed at the reception desk to ensure that our guests were greeted and catered too, phone calls were answered, as well as assisting staff members where possible, and ensuring the office had the necessary items for smooth day to day running.

Alongside this role I also had the privilege of working closely alongside Mike, Joe and Manuel with a range of tasks centring around trade and investment. I assisted Manuel with ensuring Pacific Hub was up-to-date and uploading and deleting new listings when required. I also worked alongside Joe with True Pacific by creating a stock management system, looking into delivery and shipment methods, ensuring our clients were satisfied with the website and the quality of their product that we had in stock.

I have also recorded and analysed the data collected from our Path to Market workshops and I am currently assisting the team with preparations for the Pasifika Festival by obtaining quotes for services.  Finally, I have had the privilege of working closely alongside Mike, and I hope his new filing system works well for him. I am now confident in both my roles, and I am very grateful for this experience as it has imbedded the benefits of being organized, multi-tasking and the importance of foresight.

As a law and international business student, I have always been interested in NZ’s diplomatic relationship with other countries and the impact globalisation has played out in politics and foreign policy. During this internship I was lucky enough to listen and speak with a range of people at the High Commissioners’ breakfast, and it was this glimpse into the diplomatic arena that further fuelled my interest. I also found it incredibly rewarding to help SMEs of the Pacific to introduce their products into New Zealand aiding economic development back in the islands. As I am heading into my final semester at University, I know now that I would love to kick start my career in this field, and to aid and represent my Samoan, NZ and Japanese heritage to the best of my ability.

With the ever-increasing impact of globalisation, I believe it is of great importance to ensure that our neighbouring countries in the Pacific have the necessary facilities and information to take advantage of these opportunities and to remain competitive. At PTI we are here to ensure that the SMEs in the Pacific are provided with excellent information and assistance to remain competitive and how they can identify and exploit these exciting opportunities within NZ. The staff members at PTI are very knowledgeable, approachable and always have their clients’ best interests in mind. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or SME interested in international expansion, or perhaps, you want to learn more about investment opportunities in the Pacific, look no further, because PTI is the perfect stop for you.

— Sakura Aoki Danielson



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