Samoa Pure Water will be participating for the first time at the Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) New Zealand special booth at the Auckland Food Show in July. The event is the biggest food and beverage event in New Zealand and PTI NZ has in previous years hosted several Pacific Island food and drink exporters at its special stand at the show, as part of its flagship Path to Market programme.

This year PTI NZ will feature products from nine Pacific Island companies from Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Samoa, Niue and possibly a couple of other countries by the time the list of participants is finalised.

Samoa Pure Water Company has been operating in Samoa since 2009 as a family owned water bottling manufacturing plant primarily focused in the production and supply of purified premium bottled water for the local Samoan and international markets.

The company will be displaying its 500ml, 750ml and 1litre bottled water products at next month’s show in Auckland.

The company’s bottled water factory.

In an email interview with Pacific Periscope Samoa Pure Water’s Kennedy Sua said, participating in trade shows benefits the company in several ways. The company was featured at PTI NZ’s Path to Market show earlier this year at The Cloud in downtown Auckland. Mr Sua believes the fact that a premium Samoan product is available for export to New Zealand needs to be widely known.

“Our aim is for our product to be featured in several media platforms. Thanks to PTI NZ, our products gained exposure that would in traditional marketing tools cost the company a fortune.”

The media exposure has brought the company in contact with potential investors. “Currently, Samoa Pure Water is in talks with potential investors that share our vision of taking our product to the next level. They are working with us to perfect our product to reach international shores,” he said.

Asked how Samoa Pure Water sets itself apart from other bottled water products from the Pacific Islands Mr Sua said, “Samoa is unique in terms of its natural resources. Its ecological systems, untouched rainforests and unpolluted skies have projected our nation to have the purest water resource globally.

The complete range.

“Its tropical location has blessed our country with an abundant supply of fresh water catchments. Our ability to provide a resource that is pure and able to support life places us in a unique position to be a major export player for the water industry. We are aware that consumers tend to choose a product that is top of the line especially when its pH level is 7 which equates to being a pure product.”

Being at trade shows also helps the company meet with various like-minded associates whose business objectives aligned with theirs, Mr Sua says.

“We have established a great working relationship with a few of them. Our end game is to be able to network with various New Zealand based businesses that would assist us in our endeavour of our product reaching international stores. We have also been invited by the Indonesian government to attend the first Pacific Exposition hosted by them in NZ (see accompanying story).

Samoa Pure Water has completed international compliance requirements for exports.

“We are now rolling out our next phase of securing New Zealand retailers and distributors for product placement. Our aim is to engage and secure long sustaining relationships with New Zealand’s large warehouse chains. Consumer accessibility is one of our biggest priorities and securing relationships will enable us to have a wider reach for our product,” Mr Sua said.

Mr Sua says as well as creating consumer awareness, finding distributors and potential investors, Samoa Pure Water also hopes to network with as many external stakeholders as possible at the Auckland Food Show. “The idea is to secure as many stakeholders that would assist us with ensuring a smooth transition of our product to overseas markets,” Mr Sua said.

He is looking forward to participating alongside other Pacific companies: “We intend to observe, learn, understand and come up with ways to perfect and refine our product. The Pacific is known for its creativity and we intend to use it to our advantage.”

Mr Sua is appreciative of PTI NZ’s Path to Market Programme. “It has assisted us quite a lot. The relationships we were able to form as well as the attention we received makes this endeavour worthwhile in the long run,” he said.

The Auckland Food Show is Auckland’s biggest business-to-consumer show that connects hundreds of exhibitors with tens of thousands of food and beverage lovers. Visitors come in not only from Auckland but also from other major cities around New Zealand.

For more information email PTI NZ Trade Development Manager Ian Furlong at

What: The Auckland Food Show
When: July 25-28 Time: 10am-5pm
Where: ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane

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