This year has been a satisfactory year academically and at present with the internship at PTI, an interesting and fulfilling one.   Having returned to full time studies in 2016 after twelve years of employment proved to be a challenging transition for the first year and at the same time taking up the role as Vice President for the PNG Waikato Student Association (PNGWSA) seemed overwhelming.   However, the choice to undertake the role as well as settle into studies was worthwhile providing a solid foundation for the duration of the scholarship and hopefully prepare me for future opportunities within the workforce and community, wherever life takes me.

Shulei Andrew-ToGuata is with PTI NZ on the PCF internship programme.

I have been looking forward to the internship all semester and to be finally here is gratifying! I have been excited to be back in an office and especially to be involved in an organisation that values business in the Pacific region. Knowing that I can contribute in a small way to the organisation as well as the prospects of taking with me relevant skills and insights that can be applied to developing local business in PNG especially at an SME level, thrills me.

I see SMEs as a potential backbone of developing the local economy in PNG. By empowering the industry through insights learned during my internship or through establishing and strengthening relationships with key stakeholders within the region and nationally knowing that such will bring necessary and welcomed tangible change into communities will be an accomplishment.

I look forward to spending a quiet Christmas with my husband in Hamilton and I most certainly look forward to the new year.

May this festive season bring peace, love and joy to you and your loved ones and the new year all that your heart desires. Have a blessed and safe Christmas!

Ms Shulei Andrew-ToGuata completed a second year Bachelor of Management Studies majoring in marketing at Waikato University.  Ms Andrew-ToGuata is an intern with PTI NZ under the Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF) internship programme.  For more on Ms Andrew-ToGuata please go to our November 21 edition of the Pacific Periscope.

For more on the PTI NZ Internship programme please contact Joe Fuavao, PTI NZ Trade Development Manager on


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