Solomons Chamber of Commerce leads delegation to Pasifika

The Export Industry Development Office (EIDO) of the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) is leading a delegation of two companies from the country to the Pasifika Business Market at the Pasifika Festival in Auckland this weekend. 

John Paul Alasia, EIDO’s Export Industry Development Officer who will lead the delegation, told Pacific Periscope that this was the first time that a Solomon Islands Government representative would be accompanying the participating companies to the festival.

“This is part of our strong growing relationship and partnership with the government in growing the agriculture sector,” Mr Alasia said.

“It is an opportunity to explore and promote Solomon Islands products at the Pasifika Festival. We are hopeful that Solomon Islands companies attending the festival will learn, network and meet potential buyers from the Pacific and New Zealand. Not often do we get opportunities like this and this is a wonderful platform for our local businesses to market their products and explore potential trade deals.”

John Paul Alasia, EIDO’s Export Industry Development Officer.

SICCI is the lead Economic Development Agency (EDA) in the Solomon Islands. Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) New Zealand has partnered with EIDO to deliver the Path to Market workshops in the Solomon Islands capital Honiara and Gizo in the Western Province last year, which more than 60 companies attended including 20 in Gizo.

“I am accompanied by two companies representing the honey and coconut industries in the Solomon Islands,” Mr Alasia said.

“There is so much potential in the Solomon Islands agriculture sector and our participation and interaction would help in getting people to be well informed about the Solomon Islands and hopefully we can attract people to not only visit but make investment in our country. We will also be looking at meeting and networking with other participants.”

Mr Alasia said PTI NZ’s role is significant in providing an avenue for businesses to participate and test market their products. “We also see PTI role as facilitating trade. We have a strong relationship with PTI Path to Market programme where PTI hosted two trainings last year.”

Speaking of past participants’ experience at Pasifika in previous years, “I can say that, the experience of the Solomon Islands participants in the previous Pasifika festivals is rewarding because they learn and network with other participants from the Pacific as well as those in New Zealand. It has provided them with an opportunity to test market their products and understand market requirements (such as standards, export requirements) in New Zealand.”

Mr Alasia said he saw it as a privilege and honour for him to the Export Industry Development Office (EIDO) of the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) to lead the Solomon Islands Delegation to the Pasifika Festival.

“As the peak body representing private sector in the Solomon Islands, Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) is looking forward for ongoing collaboration and partnership with PTI NZ. SICCI is grateful for the ongoing support and opportunities that PTI is giving to our local businesses now and into the future.”

For more information email PTI NZ Trade Development Manager Ian Furlong at

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