Solomon’s Gold – Supporting Farmers and the Environment

With beans being sourced from individual farmers based out of the Solomon Islands, Solomons Gold has been a domestic operation based out of New Zealand for the last six years. With locally produced cacao and organic coconut sugar, Solomon’s Gold is 100% natural and is a well-known export of New Zealand, winning many prestigious global accolades, over 1,200 entries at the Academy of Chocolate awards in London, England. It has also enjoyed domestic success, become a common product found across numerous stores in New Zealand and Australia.

General Manager, Glen Yeatman took some time off to talk with us, when he explained where the company came from and what their core values were. In Honiara, where Mr. Yeatman spent two years before moving to New Zealand, Mr. Yeatman didn’t have access to funding or equipment, but had the vision of starting a chocolate manufacturing unit. To this end, he trusted in the local labour and believed that they could find an inhouse solution to address the lack of funding and equipment. This vision paid off, as they developed their own manufacturing process and equipment, reflecting the philosophy behind the company’s values and model. They worked with local farmers and sourced environment-friendly materials all the way up to the packaging, as an ode to the land that had provided for them. Even the containers in which the cacao is shipped is recycled, as Mr. Yeatman had put in place a plan to process them into tables. These are initially shipped in wooden pallets made of native Rosewood, which aren’t thrown away and instead, are later remade into table tops.

Their products are sourced from the cleanest and most naturally rich parts of the Solomon Islands, but they are very remote and not much is known about these regions. Solomon’s Gold from being able to brand themselves as 100% authentically organic.

Solomon’s Gold has also maintained an extremely beneficial relationship with PTI. From early help, including funding of a small portion on one of the conch machines in their early years, PTI has looked at Solomon’s Gold as a company with a model to admire. It is for this reason that PTI continues to help increase distribution in New Zealand, as well as to expand in other markets. Here’s wishing Solomon’s Gold continued success going into the future.

For more information email PTI NZ Trade Development Manager Ian Furlong at

Team PTI at Solomons Gold

Team PTI at Solomons Gold

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