Surveys hail PTI New Zealand’s Export, Investment services

Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) NZ’s strategic decision early this year to invest in an online survey to better survey understand clients and their requirements have resulted in useful insights, says PTI Trade Commissioner Michael Greenslade.

The survey, undertaken in February, had three components, each focusing on different market segments and PTI’s service offerings. The surveys were addressed to subscribers of PTI newsletter Pacific Periscope, and PTI’s Trade clients and Investment clients. The surveys focused solely on services rendered by the New Zealand office of PTI.

“We surveyed our existing client base and asked them to rank performance,” Mr Greenslade said. “Some 95 per cent of the respondents rated our staff engagement to be high to very high quality, while 95 per cent of the respondents indicated satisfaction with PTI NZ and indicated that they would be very or extremely likely to work with PTI in the future.”

PTI NZ Trade Development Manager Joe Fuavao feels enthused by the feedback. “This has been a new initiative to continuously improve our services and facilitation programmes and your feedback was greatly appreciated.

“I am encouraged by the positive feedback from companies in the Pacific Islands and New Zealand who have also provided notes for improving our services in the near future. Thank you to the companies who participated in this survey. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.”

Ian Furlong, PTI NZ Trade Development Manager takes great encouragement from the survey results, which show 95 per cent customers rated PTI Trade Team’s highly for its responsiveness.

“Reading comments such as ‘I learnt a lot about the Pacific from PT&I’ and ‘keep up the good work’ along with ‘thank you PTI’ feels great.

“It is great to see the vote of confidence that our customers have given us which motivates us to do even better in the future.”

Investment survey

About the Investment survey, Trade Commissioner Greenslade said, “Our Investment survey was more about engaging with our existing clients in terms of services delivered and we are happy we got an 85% rating in PTI’s assistance to businesses.

“Our effectiveness and responsiveness rating was high in the 80s. All our responding clients said they would recommend Pacific Hub by PTI NZ to other potential investors or would like to be featured on Pacific Hub in future. This is a very good result.”

Manuel Valdez, Head of Investments and COO said, “It is good to see that our Investment services have been rated highly. With the rising popularity of the Pacific Hub, which is an online repository of investment projects in the Pacific Islands region, it is clear that potential investors are using it to make their investment decisions while investment seekers are also looking at featuring their projects.”

Here are the condensed tables of the results of the Trade and Investment surveys:

Trade Survey results

  Question Response %
1 How likely is it that you would recommend PTI to a friend/ colleague Likely 79
2 Overall how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with PTI Satisfied or Very Satisfied 90
3 Words you would use to describe PTI services High Quality
4 How well does PTI and its staff meet your needs Very Well or Extremely Well 80
5 How would you rate the quality of staff at PTI Very High to High Quality 94.73
6 How responsive have PTI been to your feedback Very Responsive or Extremely Responsive 90
7 How long have you been a client of PTI Three or More Years
Six Months to Two Years
8 How likely are you to work with PTI in future Very Likely or Extremely Likely 90

Investment survey results

1 What best describes your business Investor, Interested in Investment
Govt Agency Supporting Investment
2 If you are an investor do you have existing investments in Pacific Yes 71.43
3 Are you looking for new Investment Yes 75
4 If you are Pacific based investor/ seeking investment have you registered with PTI Yes 50
5 Have you used the PTI Auckland Investment team in the past Yes 80
6 How do you rate PTI Auckland’s Investment assistance to your Business Rating 85
7 How do you rate PTIs responsiveness to your Investment Opportunity Rating 82
8 How do you rate PTI Auckland’s effectiveness Rating 84
9 Are you using the Pacific Hub to attract Investors Yes 58.33
10 Would you recommend Pacific Hub to others to attract investors in the Pacific Yes 100
11 Will you go to PTI to look for investor/ Investment Opportunities in the future Yes 100

For more information, please email PTI Trade Development Manager Joe Fuavao at


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