Pasifika Fridays, an initiative started by Pacific Trade & Invest (PT&I) NZ in Auckland two years ago, was promoted last week at the PT&I Sydney office. PT&I Sydney team member and Export Services Manager Mona Mato wrote in a social media post, “Pacific Friday in Sydney. Helping promote Pacific fashion in Australia.”

Guests at the launch of the Pasifika Friday initiative at PTI Auckland in 2015.

Guests at the launch of the Pasifika Friday initiative at PTI Auckland in 2015.

The Pasifika Friday initiative, encourages wearing Pasifika style clothing at work preferably on a designated day. The Auckland PT&I team has adopted Friday as its Pasifika shirt day. PT&I also actively encourages associated organisations to host Pasifika themed Fridays in their offices.

Welcoming the move at the Sydney office, Michael Greenslade, PT&I NZ Trade Commissioner said, “It’s great to see the idea spread across our offices. Pasifika Friday nicely tells the story of what we do–promote Pacific Island exports and investments in the countries we work in.”

Launched in early 2015, PT&I’s Auckland team members have not only been wearing Pasifika themed clothing on Fridays but have also actively promoted the concept in a range of organisations that PT&I works with. Some of these the Auckland Chamber of Commerce, Fletcher Building, GS1, World Vision, Hawkins, Pacific Business trust, the Pacific Cooperation Foundation and Auckland based business councils.

“The Pacific Islands are very much a part of our environment and we’ve long had friendly ties with Pacific peoples, the Pasifika Fridays initiative is a small but very visible way of celebrating this special relationship,” Mr Greenslade said.

As well as spreading awareness of our Pacific Island neighbourhood, its pristine destinations, exotic products and friendly people, the initiative also helps promote the Pacific region’s exotic and innovative fashion houses as well as its textile industry.

In recent years, Pacific fashion has beaten a path to some of the world’s top fashion destinations in Australasia, Europe and the United States. Pasifika fashion received a boost when Prince William and Kate wore clothing designed and manufactured by well-known Cook Islands design label TAV Pacific during the couple.

PT&I has been working closely with fashion designers and clothing makers from across the Pacific besides TAV Pacific like designer labels Mena and Kara.

For more information on Pasifika Friday, email PT&I NZ Marketing & Communications Manager Dev Nadkarni at

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