Tahitian clothier Nesian’s exciting new range at Path to the Pacific

Tahitian clothing company Nesian is showcasing almost all its product range at the Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) NZ Path to the Pacific Trade Show this Saturday at The Cloud in Auckland. Nesian is well known in Tahiti and throughout French Polynesia’s islands, selling t-shirts, singlets, hoodies, jackets, long sleeve, hats, sunglasses, womenswear and a lot else at its popular stores. They screen print their t-shirts and tops themselves and sell their products. They can produce up to 5000 tees a month and can churn out up to 1000 a week depending on the design.

Nesian’s designs are deeply influenced by Polynesian culture, mythology and design. Nesian celebrates its fifth year in business this month.

Owner and Designer Matairea Bessert says, “Nesian means ‘islander’ and our logo represents the sun with three rays, in the shape of a triangle in a tribute to the Polynesian triangle. Its rays are dedicated to the three islands at its corner. Our work is to highlights stories, legends, arts, landscapes of the islands and turn them into designs. It’s a way for us to share our culture and the island feeling.”

Matairea and his younger sister Poevaiva have attended PTI NZ’s Path to Market programme in Tahiti and also had a presence at PTI NZ’s stand at last year’s Pasifika.

Already in New Zealand well before this week’s event, Matairea told Pacific Periscope, “We have attended a pop-up show recently and we think the products that will attract Kiwis could be our Aoteroa-themed clothing (such as the Pohutukawa t-shirts) as well as our hats.”

Matairea says there are a few exciting new products that Nesian will introduce this Saturday: “We want to showcase our Waka Ama paddles. We have designed them under the theme of the Taûra (Polynesian protector animals – each family has its own). We know that Waka Ama is going well in New Zealand and we hope they will like it,” he said.

Matairea is excited to present Nesian’s wares at The Cloud. “We feel very lucky to have been invited and it’s definitely a chance for our company to promote our products and our story and also an opportunity for us to meet people from the Pacific Islands.

“The day at The Cloud and workshops are for us an opportunity to meet the New Zealand market, meet different communities, share their culture and understand them better,” he said.

Earlier, Matairea had told Pacific Periscope that his interaction with people from different lands and cultures gave him the opportunity to incorporate their legends into clothing design: “The potential of Nesian is that the brand can adjust itself to the local culture and stories. I learn more about the local landscapes and can adapt them into Nesian’s clothing designs.”

For more information email PTI NZ Trade Development Manager Ian Furlong on ian.f@pacifictradeinvest.co.nz

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