‘Tis the season for China’s trade fairs

As the Chinese season for trade fairs and expositions approaches in the second half of the year, Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) China presents a guide to the highlights with the latest information about where and when to exhibit and visit.

The PTI booth at Cosmoprof Hong Kong in 2016

“China is central to the global economy and will be more and more important for businesses in the Pacific,” says Beijing-based PTI Trade Commissioner David Morris.  “It is now the world’s largest trading economy, largest consumer market and source of outbound tourists.

“After decades of double digit growth, China is now seeking to gradually slow its annual growth rate to a more sustainable ‘new normal’ of about six per cent. At the same time, it is making a significant transition from an investment- and export-led development model to a more diversified economy driven by domestic demand and services.

“As China becomes more affluent and its citizens travel more, there will be demand for unique products such as those from the Pacific,” he said.

If you are thinking about exploring and potentially entering the China market, trade fairs and expos can be a good way to conduct some buyer and consumer research, measure the competition, begin marketing and make valuable business contacts.

PTI offices are here to help you plan your production and marketing development and help you build upon the business relationships that you will make if you take part in any of these events, with China-based expert advisers available to you on all matters related to trade, investment and tourism development.

See the China Trade Fairs and Expos 2017 https://tinyurl.com/china-trade-events-2017

OR https://pacifictradeinvest.com/resources/export/

For all trade fair and expo enquiries, contact yolanda.jiang@pacifictradeinvest.org.cn

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