Founders of Volcanic Earth – cousins Linda and Pam, are strong advocates of all natural, organically grown products.

They share a belief that we are all “connected” to the earth’s energy and that the strength of the connection we have to the earth determines how healthy we can be.

This philosophy carries through to their beauty care line, based on traditional Melanesian skin treatments.

Volcanic Earth uses local raw products like tamanu oil, virgin coconut oil, volcanic ash and volcanic pumiare (pumice).

They help create jobs for locals because they process the products at their coconut oil and skin care factory in Port Vila.

Tamanu oil is Vanuatu’s biggest raw product export and it is also a main ingredients in Volcanic Earth products.

It is a natural treatment for many skin ailments including acne, psoriasis, and eczema. It is a great anti-aging product because it stimulates the formation of new skin cells.

Volcanic Earth frequently use the hibiscus flower in their products. It is known as nature’s Botox™ hibiscus and has a reputation for increasing skin elasticity.

Hibiscus has an incredible ability to inhibit the activity of the enzyme elastase, which is responsible for breaking down our skin’s elastin.

It contains organic acids with a mild exfoliating effect speeding up cell turnover and resulting in a more even-looking skin tone.

It can even help to control acne breakouts, bringing your skin back in balance for a gorgeous, glowing complexion.

The Volcanic Earth Mission

Vanuatu is classified as an LDC (Least Developing Country). Many indigenous Ni Vanuatu are in need – particularly families in the remote, outer islands .

Local woman and children living in the outer island communities collect the tamanu nuts which Volcanic Earth uses and this helps pay for education and living costs.

Purchasing Volcanic Earth natural skin care products creates livelihood opportunities for many locals connected to the operation of their coconut oil and skin care factory.

This helps towards relieving poverty and suffering in what is largely a “Custom Economy” (barter system).

Volcanic Earth believes in female empowerment and chooses to employ mainly women.

Currently they employ five but before COVID they had ten female employees.

When tourism (Vanuatu’s main source of income) business picks up again they will build their team up again.

Exotic, Chemical-Free Ethical Bio Solutions for Problem Skin that Really Work.

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