For more than 150 years, Tanna Island has been a prime geographical location for growing and harvesting coffee. Tanna Coffee sources their beans from the deep rich volcanic soils of Tanna Island that are both highly fertile and free draining, with the average amount of rainfall of 2500mm providing the ideal conditions for growing the purest organic coffee in a sustainable, non-harmful manner.  

Australian coffee farmer and owner of Tanna Coffee, Terry Adlington, has lived and worked on Tanna Island, helping to educate farmers on the method of growing, harvesting, and processing their valuable product. For 35 years he has been involved in the coffee growing, production and processing and wants to support, expand, and develop the entire South Pacific coffee industry one day.  

“The potential for coffee in Vanuatu is incredible with the perfect conditions for growing, especially on Tanna Island which is a pest-free environment.”  

“Knowledge is power and sharing mine with farmers was the only way forward for Tanna Coffee to be successful,” says Terry.  

In 2015 Tropical Cyclone Pam had a significant and lasting effect on the economy of Tanna Island wiping 90% of plantation grounds, putting thousands of farmers out of work.  

“Almost 1000 farmers are involved in the coffee bean industry, and they are supported by a community of approximately 5000 people. Rebuilding was the only option as thousands of people’s lives and futures relied on the re-development of Tanna Coffee,” says Terry.    

Tanna Coffee worked with villages to help create seed beds to germinate seedlings and replant the plantations. This allowed locals to continue growing and selling which provides a regular income stream.  

Tanna Coffee continues to grow despite the major disruption of Tropical Cyclone Pam. They have partnered with Shirley Webb-Speight and Andrea Bevan to distribute into the New Zealand Relatively new to the coffee distribution and retailing business, the business partners are experienced entrepreneurs with established marketing backgrounds. 

“We travelled to Vanuatu on holiday and visited the Tanna Coffee café and roastery near Port Vila. The coffee was divine, but discovered it wasn’t available in New Zealand,” says Shirley.  

“We came home after that trip with a business idea, and soon after became the New Zealand agent for Tanna Coffee.” 

Shirley and Andrea are pleased to be supporting Ni-Vanuatu farmers knowing that a fair proportion of the money they pay to purchase the finished product is ending in the hand of villagers.  

“Education is a priority in Vanuatu and with Terry and Tanna Coffee working with locals to ensure regular income it means the children able to get their education.”  

Tanna Coffee will be on display at The Food Show (Auckland) and will be providing delicious coffee in our Pasifika Coffee Corner. So come and join us for a cuppa, you can get your tickets here

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