Would you like to meet 25 Pacific Island businesses?

Twenty-five companies from eight Pacific Island countries looking to export to New Zealand will be showcasing and selling their products at the Pasifika Festival in Auckland’s Western Springs this weekend.Companies from Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Marshall Islands and Palau will participate as part of the Pacific Trade & Invest (PT&I) Pacific Path to Market programme. Pacific Path to Market is an initiative that helps pave the way for Pacific Island exporters to find markets for their products in New Zealand.

Michael Greenslade, PT&I’s Auckland based Trade Commissioner says, “As part of our Pacific Path to Market programme in Auckland this week we have a customised buyer programme for our visiting Pacific Island delegates. One important part of this programme is the speed dating-type event, just a couple of days after the Pasifika Festival.”

As well as the 25 visiting companies, there will be 12 private sector participants from New Zealand and the PT&I trade development and investment teams including the Trade Commissioner as well as four or five members of the participating countries’ Economic Development Agency (EDA) representatives, Mr Greenslade revealed.

The New Zealand private sector will be a mix of buyers, importers, distributors and agents from a variety of sectors. The PT&I team will be made up of Trade Development Managers Joe Fuavao and Ian Furlong, Head of Investment Manuel Valdez and Trade Commissioner Mr Greenslade.

“These meetings delivered in a speed dating-type format will help potential New Zealand buyers meet several suppliers from the Pacific at one location,” Mr Fuavao said.

Among the products categories are food and beverage; skincare; handicrafts; fresh produce; seafood and garments from Samoa. Each of the categories will have numerous product lines. For instance, food and beverage will comprise turmeric juice, coconut jam, coconut candy, taro cookies, coffee beans (bulk), cocoa beans (bulk), kava powder and a range of chocolates.

Handicrafts from the Marshall Islands, Samoa and Papua New Guinea including the sought after bilum woven products will all be displayed and sold. Coconut soaps and virgin coconut oil lotions will be part of the skincare product range, while a range of products will be covered in the fresh produce and sea food categories.

“As well as trade into New Zealand, it is really important for us to also focus on pan-Pacific trade. We will use this opportunity to engage with the representatives of the Economic Development Agencies to help create opportunities for increased trade between the islands themselves,” Trade Commissioner Greenslade said.

The event is scheduled for Tuesday 28 March from 1pm to 4pm at a the Te Mahurehure Cultural Marae, 65-73 Premier Ave, Point Chevalier, Auckland 1022. To register to participate in the meetings, please email Joe Fuavao, PT&I NZ Trade Development Manager on joe.f@pacifictradeinvest.co.nz

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