Meet The Team

Glynis Miller

Trade Commissioner
Glynis heads PTI NZ and brings with her a wealth of experience of the Blue Pacific region in both policy and technical coordination.

Most recently at the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, Glynis is passionate about supporting Pacific Island Countries to realise their potential through growing in their export capability as well as securing investment into business and infrastructure.
Rohan Parekh

Rohan Parekh

Investment Facilitation Manager
Rohan brings a wealth of experience and exposure from working in the global venture capital and financial services including investor mapping, research and outreach.

He has previously worked for Aera VC, an early-growth fund investing in deep tech ventures and IvyCap Ventures, a venture capital fund management company leveraging global alumni ecosystems to build technology-driven innovative companies.
Nicolas Roger

Nicolas Roger

Marketing & Communication Manager
Nicolas heads the MarComms strategy and implementation for PTI NZ. Very committed to his field of expertise, Nicolas strives to ensure that people know, and understand, the very unique environment we operate in and why the commercial relationships we develop and grow are so important, and beneficial to all countries within the Blue Pacific.

Aude Douyère

Trade Development Manager
Aude manages PTI NZ's participation in sector-specific trade shows (e.g. Fine Foods NZ), the coordination of the Deal by Design Programme, the PTI NZ online catalogue, and promotes and connects Pacific products with NZ distributors. She is good at building strong relationships with exporters and buyers to get the results.
Ellen Callister

Ellen Callister

Trade Development Officer
Ellen is responsible for supporting Aude in her Trade Development activities.

She brings valuable industry experience from shipping and logistics from her previous position at the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC).

Shivani Prasad

Office Manager
Shivani is responsible for all office administration including financial accounting and maintenance of the stakeholder contacts and database.

She is also heavily involved with the event planning and logistics of PTI events such as trade shows and conferences.
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