Land Suitable for Agriculture - Wainivesi, Fiji

A three bedroom home waiting to be PURCHASED set on a 1/2 acre section. Concrete block construction with internal timber framing plus 1500 cubic meter water tanks also present on this property. The location is in inland of Aitutaki, Cook Islands for residential but can be converted to restaurant/cafe and B&B.

Yaloyalo Productions - Ba, Fiji

This exciting farming project is seeking a JOINT VENTURE. The farm currently produces fresh fruit & vegetables, supplying a range of seasonal crops. With future plans to develop greenhouses so off season crops can be cultivated, they also seek to explore other farming producs like horitculture.

Mataqali Volivoli, Cakaudrove - Savusavu, Fiji

This subject area is legally described as part of Lot 28, NLC 465.  The area 20.3414 hectares (50.26 acres) or thereabouts is an iTaukei tenure and the land owning unit is Mataqali Volivoli of Yavusa Ketei. It comprises of moderately dense secondary forest, flat land, fallow growth of Para grass and the Savudrodro Creek adjacent to the subject lot. It is currently zoned as Agriculture.  Potential use is residential subsistence area which could be advantage for retirees as well as the young population.

Nakorosago, Ra - Nakorotubu, Fiji

Landowners mostly use this area for goat farming as it is undeveloped.  The rolling hills and moderate slopes are also perfect for groundwater extraction and cattle farming since there are wealth in natural water source. This site needs to be developed for direct access to services and amenities.  Public transport is made available at regular intervals along the Lodoni access road and Dawasamu road.  There is limited telephone reception in this area.

Cathliro Cocoa Exports - Honiara, Solomon Islands

Cathliro Cocoa Exports is a locally owned company with its primary business in cocoa export. Their passion is to provide income for rural people in Santa Isabel, and to encourage small holder farmers to produce good quality cocoa.  They are seeking INVESTORS to help them diversify into sun dried cocoa.

Tupaghotua Cocoa Plantation - Solomon Islands

Tupaghotua Cocoa Plantation owns a total of 255 cocoa hectares in Solomon Islands.  The project needs an INVESTOR to address immediate issues to improve sustainable harvesting of cocoa fruit on timely basis to increase volume of production, marketing and distribution channels.

Cattle Farming - Vanuatu

The Vanuatu Government are looking for EQUITY PARTICIPATION or JOINT-VENTURE regarding the farming of cattle. The Vanuatu Government has made available 3 additional sites to farming of cattle, however given these sites are in the outer provinces, the government is considering providing incetives to investors choosing to invest in the cattle industry in these new cattle farm sites.

Fruit & Vegetable Farming - Vanuatu

This private company is searching for a JOINT-VENTURE partner. This opportunity calls for individuals or medium size farming companies possessing expertise and experience in horticulture using modern farming techniques and who are confident they can contribute successfully to the vegetables and fruits sub-sector.

Rentabo Farm - Efate Island, Vanuatu

This BROWNFIELD INVESTMENT is for SALE and one of the very few farms currently for sale on Efate island.It offers a diverse array of Vanuatu’s stunning natural beauty, with unspoilt tropical bush-land side by side with improve cattle pastures, and a clear, rear-round river providing an endless supply of fresh water for live stock or irrifation.

Pacific Provender - Erromango, Vanuatu

Pacific Provender is a private company committed to improving the livelihoods of farmers, landholders & their communities through sustainable production & value adding of essential oils, herbs & spices. All projects provide vocational training and employment on the island for the people of Erromango. This worthwhile investment opportunity is seeking CAPITAL FUNDING from investors.

Dried Leaf and Essential Oil Lemon Myrtle

Provender is looking for investor to export dried leaf and essential oil lemon myrtle.  Lemon myrtle contains one of the most important essential oil consituents called citral and is the world’s richest known natural source of citral (90-98%).  Application of the product is in food flavouring, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and body care.

Black Pearl - Manihiki, Cook Islands

Seeking a capital investor to form a joint-venture partnership with an under-capitalized local black pearl producer in re-developing and growing this business as quality producers of high-gem quality, beautiful, exotic and large black pearls.

Seaweed Farming - Tonga

Farming Mozuku seaweed means that the company is not solely reliant on wild natural Mozuku.  It also means that it can increase natural supply of Mozuku by moving the cultivating nets in areas where Mozuku has little presence.  Farming Mozuku commercially is also important in tapping into new markets, especially Japanese and Chinese food markets who are solely dependent on Okinawa farmed Mozuku. 

Mozuku seaweed farming will also help mitigate the contamination from foreign seaweeds and organisms present as opposed to wild natural Mozuku.

Local Farmers Industries Ltd - Papua New Guinea

Business proposal is coffee development in manufacturing and downstream processing where coffee beans will be made into finished products hence the main aim of this project will be to build a coffee processing mill in Afore district.

The Company, Local Farmers Industries has 180 hectares of coffee plantation at Afore District apart from its plantation and has 6,511 smallholder farmers with an estimated total combination of 10,000 hectares pool together registered with Local Farmers Industries Ltd.

From these plantations, a total of 350 tons of coffee beans are produced each year.  The objective is to build a coffee mill or factory to process these coffee into finished products for other export markets.  Currently, the Company has genuine markets in USA, China & Indonesia for the last 10 years and looking to other countries

Middle-Ramu District - Lae, Papua New Guinea

Oil Palm Industry in PNG is expanding and there is growth in production and export in the last 3 decades with positive outlook in future.  The Oil Palm traded commodity product is Crude Palm Kernel Oil (CPKO) and Crude Palm Oil (CPO).

The Markham Valley Oil Palm Ltd was granted by the government to develop the proposed Oil Palm Project.  The land on which the project is undertaken is under the customary land ownership, which requires proper social mapping and ILG certification prior to initial project implementation.  The project is located at Umi-Atzera LLG, Markham District, Lae, Morobe Province, PNG.

Hydroponics - Fiji

Land is a little contour while flat in some areas.  It is a flood area.  Road access is not a problem as buses are running just beside the farm.  The road is a gravel road.  Access to electricity at the farmhouse and can be supplied to the area.  Currently planting/farming cassava, dalo, ginger, a few vegetables etc.  Water sources include water collected in a tank and a natural spring on the land.  It is a lease land with 18 years of lease left.

The owner is seeking partnership, for the investor to set up the hydroponic system while the owner is fully employed to manage and look after the business. The owner needs financial support/assistance for the startup of this hydroponic system and is more than willing to discuss further with the investor if he/she is interested.

Organic Farming - Fiji

The 10 acre-land is located in Tailevu before Korovou Town.  The location is a 10-min drive from the main road and 40 mins drive from Nausori Town.

Land is flat land with diary farms surrounding the land.  Very cool with medium breeze flowing through, which means you will have temperatures ranging from 26 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius all the time.  Water and electricity facility is installed with a 5 bedroom concrete house and a 3 bedroom house in need of completion.  The house is being used from the staff who are working on the farm.

Spice Business - Papua New Guinea

The spice industry is an untapped sleeping giant in Papua New Guinea.  It has potential to generate export revenue of up to K500 million every year when fully developed in the next 10 years from now (2018).  There is a growing demand for organic spices from developing countries, including PNG in markets in USA and European Union.  The demand is created by people’s changing eating diets and habits.  Consumers around the world are now conscious of their health and need functional products that can sustain their health thus reduce quick aging.

More than 7,000 studies around the world have confirmed that products such as turmeric, ginger, chili and garlic can save lives.  The EU demand for convenient spices is growing at a rate of 2.3% every year.  It is the same in the US with an increasing rate of 2.5% every year.

Mataqali Bureiwaqa - Fiji

Subject area is located on Kia Island approximately 30 km from Malau Port in Labasa and 40 km Northwest of Labasa Town.

Bureiwaqa comprises of four land parcels with the major land parcel located on Kia Island and the balance forming the three group of islets located within a radius of 1 km away from each other.  The islets are sprawled within the pristine sea surroundings of the South Pacific Ocean on the Western tip of Vanua Levu.

The subject property is accessible by boat from Labasa jetty and Malau Port with travelling time of approximately 45 minutes.

The main parcel rises gently from the sea to about 20 feet above sea level with rolling hills throughout whilst the three islets has light vegetation cover with rocky terrain.  It is generally sun scorched.

Mataqali Leweinadroga

The subject property can be accessed through and along the main Queens highway, while access roads are approximately two meters wide, graveled with growing grass on sidewalks.

The site is of irregular shape with undulating (rolling hills) filled with grassland and light bush.  Additionally, it has a panoramic view of the Cuvu harbour.

Piped water services, power and telephone are not available to the subject property however, essential services are available along the main highway hence it can easily be connected to the subject area.

Mobile networks available from the subject lot.  Nearest shopping facilities can be found at Newton settlement which is approximately 1.7km from the subject lot.

Mataqali Burenitu

A proposed 500m access is currently under process for consideration to link the subject to the Sigatoka valley road.

The land parcel comprises of mostly flat to gentle slopes throughout.  There is also light vegetation cover on the site and surrounding area.

Great panoramic view of the nearby Sigatoka river from the subject site.

More comprehensive services like medical, shopping facilities and the nearest post office are available in Sigatoka town which is approximately 1km from the site.

Nukudamu - Fiji

Nukudamu is situated along the Dawasamu road on the outskirts of Korovou town, approximately 45 minutes drive from the town.

The land gradually rises from the coast line towards the interior. The subject lot is mostly surrounded by forest and pine trees. The site is suitable for agriculture.

The coastal portion of the designation enjoys sea breeze with pristine views of the ocean as well as the Mataikara and Mumunidamuni Reefs.

In between the subject lot and Korovo town lies the Natovi jetty which serves as the main port of entry between the Viti Levu, Vanua Levu and Ovalau Island for daily commuters.

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Nakoso - Fiji

The main access to the subject area is connected from the main hibiscus highway which leads to vuadomo village and Nakasa village. The Letter of Understanding has agreed to the terms of the development of an access road to the subject area. The road is an existing logging road and is an approximately 1.89km walk from the main road to the subject site.

The land parcel comprises of mostly flat to very gentle slopes throughout. The parcel and surrounding areas is predominantly covered with light vegetation cover.

The site enjoys breath-taking and beautiful panoramic views of the Savusavu bay.

Mere Maramanivalu - Fiji

The subject land is accessible through an 800 meter graveled surface access road from the main Kings road.

The subject area contains a slope with the lowest elevation being 24m and highest elevation recorded at approximately 70m above sea level along a run of 450m. The subject land consists of light vegetation and trees.

A transformer is located approximately 100m from the subject site along its access route. Power and water connections as well as telecommunication services can be made accessible to the subject site.

Mat Nasavanivonu - Fiji

The subject land is located at Matakunea, accessible through Buca Bay road adjacent to the Matakunea road which is approximately 25 kilometers from Savusavu town.

The contour of the subject land is a mixture of flat to gently undulating land (5.8ha) with deep well drained soils suitable for a wide range of crops. The parcel also has moderate slopes (1.6ha) that are also well drained which is suitable for arable cultivation, rolling slopes (5.9ha) with deep well drained moderately fertile soil suitable for trees and root crops. Lastly, it also has strong rolling land (9.4ha) with shallow soil which is largely suitable for grazing and coconuts.

Matakunea is a 56 acre land that is situated in a bay, with maritime accessibility to the Northern parts of Vanua Levu and further to the Pacific Ocean.

Mataqali Navalevatu - Fiji

The project site is located approximately 11km from Rakiraki town.  The areas surrounding the subject site are predominantly made up sugar cane fields, vegetable and root crop farming and few areas of livestock farming.

The subject land is accessible through the main Kings road onto Korotale Valley road for 400 meters before turning into Vatukiyasawa road where the subject site is located which is approximately 8.3km along Vatukiyasawa road.  The road also runs through the center of the designated land.  The second parcel is under the same designation (8.09ha) is located South East of the first parcel and is approximately 800m from the Vatusakiyasawa road.

More comprehensive services such as shopping centers, medical and postal services are available in Rakiraki town which is located approximately 11km from the site.

Mataqali Naikasarua - Fiji

The areas surrounding the subject site are predominantly made up of sugarcane fields, vegetable and root crop farming and few areas of livestock farming.

Mataqali Naikasarua is accessible through the main Kings road onto Korotale Valley road for 400 meters before turning into Vatukiyasawa road where the subject site is located approximately 9.3km along Vatukiyasawa road towards vatukacevaceva village. The 1.22ha land is situated a few meters from the vatukacevaceva village with notable homes situated beside the boundary.

More comprehensive services such as shopping, medical and postal services are available in Rakiraki town which is located approximately 13km from the site.

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