A diverse collection of intricate handicrafts are produced from the beautiful islands of the Pacific. This includes all sorts of jewellery pieces, ornaments, baskets, woven mats, tapa cloth that wonderfully handmade and crafted from local materials. We deal with suppliers in Tonga, Samoa, Fiji and Papua New Guinea that are committed to supplying outstanding pieces from the islands.

Art and Paintings

The rich cultural heritage of the Pacific is showcased through the vibrant art and paintings of its people. A spectacular array of paintings, masks, figures and art pieces have been skilfully created by our talented Pacific artist. We work with some of the regions finest artists from the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Fiji.

Natural Beauty Products

Discover the Pacific’s beauty secret to beautiful skin and hair by indulging in the regions natural skin and hair care products. The region has its own unique blend of organic coconut oil to coconut cream lotions fused with other tropical ingredients that essentially promote radiant skin and luscious hair. We have suppliers of skin and hair products in Fiji, Samoa, Cook Islands, Papua New Guinea and Niue.

Body Care Products

The Pacific offers an assorted array of natural products specially designed for the beneficial effects on the body. With our 100% natural body sponge ideal for removal of makeup to the natural insect repellent body sprays. We have key suppliers in Federal States of Micronesia and Fiji.


Our brilliant fashion designers from the pacific region are delighted to present an array of summer attire with vibrant prints depicting the beauty of the Pacific Islands. From the elegant hand printed garments of Cook Islands and Samoa to the beautiful bilum bags of Papua New Guinea. We currently have contacts with Pacific fashion designers in Cook Islands, Samoa and Fiji.

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