Gosal Distributors - Fiji

The Company is a manufacturer and distributor of recycle toilet papers in the South Pacific countries. They are also promoting Fijian made products and saving the environment by using recycle papers.

​They need INVESTORS to expand the business.

Furniture (Wooden)

With the abundance of natural resources available in the Pacific region, furniture designers have ventured in producing assorted range of upmarket exotic resort-boutique style furniture made out of natural and sustainable wood such as palm wood, mahogany and many more. We currently have suppliers of furniture products in Fiji.

Art and Paintings

The rich cultural heritage of the Pacific is showcased through the vibrant art and paintings of its people. A spectacular array of paintings, masks, figures and art pieces have been skilfully created by our talented Pacific artist. We work with some of the regions finest artists from the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Fiji.

fiji handicraft-adj


A diverse collection of intricate handicrafts are produced from the beautiful islands of the Pacific. This includes all sorts of jewellery pieces, ornaments, baskets, woven mats, tapa cloth that wonderfully handmade and crafted from local materials. We deal with suppliers in Tonga, Samoa, Fiji and Papua New Guinea that are committed to supplying outstanding pieces from the islands.

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