Path To Market


We work with different companies in New Zealand to provide a location where 40 businesses from the Pacific can set up a stall to sell their products. Selected businesses from over the Pacific who show that they're ready to export will be able to promote products in the New Zealand market through trade shows
Trade Show


We run workshops in countries all over the Pacific Islands.

Our workshops contain modules for learning how to run an effective and successful business which includes a robust finance module. An expansion of the program will include a website design module that will allow businesses to have their own e-commerce facilities that they can control and manage.

The workshops are led and facilitated by our expert staff in collaboration with our partners who use their local knowledge to identify the businesses and organise the in country logistics 


Our team can help in a variety of ways, including getting the correct information needed to make your next move​.

We can offer sound advice based on the markets we are knowledgeable in. ​

We can get you in touch with external people to help progress your product and business. 

Custom Advice

Path To Market

Our programme is a seven-step export capability building programme, delivered in partnership with local EDA’s.

Our Workshops

We run workshops in the partnered countries to teach businesses how to be effective and successful in the market. They also identify which products and businesses are ready to export. The workshops are the first step in the Pacific Path to Market programme and are carried out by our expert staff

Link To The Pacific

​You become a strategic link to local economic development partner (Fiji Export Council) in the selection of attendees to attend our NZ leg of Pacific Path to Market.

Trade Missions

If your business is one of the 40 selected due to it being export ready, then you will be able to participate in a trip to New Zealand to test and promote your products in a foreign market to help build the brand. These trade shows include:

- Auckland Food Show
- Coffee & Chocolate Show
- Fine Foods Show
- Trade show hosted by PTI at the cloud

Tailored Workshop

The gap analysis workshop helps identify any areas in your business which needs improving in order to become export ready.

Meet The Buyers

Be introduced to buyers in your industry and get to know what their expectation are and what they are looking for. Sit down with buyers and ask them questions as well to try and sell your product.

IWI Engagedment

Engage with local Iwi to understand their needs and how you can insert products into their lifestyle

Online Sales

Get the opportunity to put your products onto our website to be sold. We provide a platform to develop your brand.

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