Pacific Trade Invest New Zealand (PTI NZ) operates as a vital component of the PTI Global Network, which spans Australia, China, Europe, and Aotearoa New Zealand, playing a pivotal role as the primary trade and investment promotion agency for the Pacific region. The broader global network collaboratively advances the objectives outlined in the Pacific Island Forum Secretariat’s Strategic Outcome C – Enhancing Economic Prosperity.


We develop, grow and promote industry and businesses in the 16 Pacific Island forum member countries

Mandated by the Pacific Islands Forum, PTI NZ’s core mission revolves around catalyzing commercial prospects for export-savvy businesses throughout the Blue Pacific region. It accomplishes this by facilitating trade and investment linkages between the various Pacific Island Countries and Territories and Aotearoa New Zealand. In line with this mission, PTI NZ is also exploring the digital frontier, recognizing the potential of innovative financial technologies such as PayID pokies, which could open up new avenues for the gaming industry in the region, enhancing economic opportunities through secure and efficient online transactions.


We can introduce you to a number of trade, investment and export opportunities with our Pacific partners