Business Mentoring
Pilot Programme

Shaping Success

Mentoring is the transfer of knowledge from one person who has that knowledge, experience and confidence to another person who may benefit from it. Business mentoring is simply mentoring in a business environment. In conjunction with the Path To Market, we have developed a business mentoring programme pilot for selected business which will provide focussed one on one support and advice which we have called the “PTI NZ Business Mentoring Programme”. Its aim is to provide a demand gap for one to one business advisory which at the moment almost all training is done on a group basis. Since this is the pilot programme we will be doing a trial with 4 companies from Fiji. If successful then we envisage looking to expand to other Pacific regions in the future.
Business Mentoring Pilot Programme
Programme Chart

Pro-Active management involves the Advisors working on a participant business in a hands-on manner

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