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One of the key ways PTI NZ can help foster investment in the Blue Pacific is to ensure businesses are aware of what investors are looking for.

This year PTI NZ is holding a series of webinars across two different investment opportunity sectors – agriculture and renewable energy.

The webinars will be an informative featuring industry leaders delivering information on what governments, local communities and businesses need to do in order to provide attractive investment offerings to investors in the private sector.


The agriculture sector is a major provider of jobs. It addresses food security, empowers communities, and improves livelihoods across the Blue Pacific continent. 

The sector is prone to adverse weather conditions, yet its produce is highly sort after in New Zealand. It is the largest source of exports from the region to New Zealand.  

NEW>>>Agriculture Webinar - 21 September 2021

Learning how to optimise smallholder farming operations through aggregation, technology, and experience

We have partnered with internationally renowned organisations  IDH – Farmfit Fund (IDH) the world’s largest private – public impact fund for small holder farmers, and Ata Marie a world leading agricultural consultant and IDH partner to deliver this follow up webinar to our May webinar on ‘How to attract private investment in the agriculture sector in Pacific Island Countries’.

This webinar will look at ‘Learning how to optimise smallholder farming operations through aggregation, technology and experience.’

It will introduce IDH’s world leading expertise and services that can be deployed to help organise, fund, and execute changes to the way smallholder farming is done throughout the Pacific Islands.

The webinar will also share the various approaches that IDH use to promote business growth in developing economies through sustainable trade.

It will show how to optimise farmer’s operations, increase profitability, productivity and increase the standard of living for those in the agricultural industry.

To register click the button to the right. If you have any questions regarding the webinar please email Graeme Saunders (details at bottom of page).

If you were unable to view our May agriculture webinar you can watch both sessions by clicking the buttons in the below segment.

Agriculture Webinar Series - May 2021

How to attract private investment in the agriculture sector in Pacific Island Countries

In this webinar learn more about how to make your agricultural projects enticing to investors. Find out about global trends for funding agricultural projects and what technical assistance might needed to accelerate the development of investable agricultural opportunities and de-risk and facilitate investor engagement.

Renewable Energy

Finding and realising renewable energy opportunities in the Pacific Islands.

During the last 10 years renewable energy options have significantly reduced price, and technology has advanced to ensure more optimal performance. These developments have made it more viable to compete with diesel generation as a preferred energy source for the Pacific Islands.

Pacific Trade Invest NZ is aware of the need to develop renewable energy projects in the Blue Pacific.

We are looking to help support Pacific Island Countries by providing the tools to find and realise opportunities on how to source investment for renewable energy projects.

Pacific Trade Invest NZ has partnered with internationally renowned renewable energy finance experts Camco Clean Energy to deliver a webinar which will talk about:

  • well-priced, well-performing renewable energy options countries may wish to consider
  • the advantages and disadvantages of direct use technologies versus grid connectivity
  • the advantages and disadvantages of independent power producers (IPPs) versus public renewable energy development and funding
  • private capital and the advantages it can bring versus only using donor funding.
For more information contact

For more information contact

PTI Investment Consultant - Graeme Saunders
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