Optimising smallholder farming operations in the Blue Pacific


15 September 2021 -Pacific Trade Invest NZ (PTI NZ) continues their quest to provide information and tools for developing and gaining investment into the agricultural sector in the Pacific Islands.

The organisation, which is the trade and investment arm of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS) has again partnered with internationally renowned organisations to host a second investment webinar for the agricultural sector on Tuesday 21 September.

This latest webinar will introduce IDH – Farmfit Fund (IDH) the world’s largest private – public impact fund for small holder farmers and is supported by Ata Marie a world leading agricultural consultant whom PTI NZ partnered with in May to deliver their first agricultural webinar ‘How to attract private investment in the agriculture sector in Pacific Island Countries’.

PTI NZ Trade Commissioner Glynis Miller said the upcoming webinar focussed on ‘Learning how to optimise smallholder farming operations through aggregation, technology and experience.’

“Smallholder farmers make the largest contribution to agricultural outputs in the Pacific Islands. The benefits for aggregating smallholder farming are huge and the Pacific Islands has the potential to make significant changes to the industry, and to people’s lives.”

The webinar will share the various approaches that IDH use to promote business growth in developing economies through sustainable trade.

It will show how to optimise farmer’s operations, increase profitability, productivity and increase the standard of living for those in the agricultural industry.

For more information and to access previous webinars visit https://www.pacifictradeinvest.co.nz/investment-webinars/

For media enquiries please contact Anne-Marie Petersen  amp@pacifictradeinvest.co.nz  


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