Apple Pay Pokies NZ

For gambling fanatics in New Zealand who are using Apple devices, we recommend Apple Pay as the payment method when depositing and withdrawing funds. With just one tap of the screen, players can transfer funds and play casino games instantly. Continue reading to know the best Apple Pay pokies NZ and other relevant information.

Review of the Best Apple Pay Pokies NZ

Apple Pay Pokies NZ allows Kiwi players to transfer funds into their casino account with ease. Renowned for its unmatched safety and convenience, Apple Pay is indeed the perfect and safest avenue to deposit using your mobile device. Online casinos that accept Apple Pay keep on growing, so we decided to give you an insight into the top three Apple Pay pokies in NZ to serve as your guide.

Wild Tokyo 

Ask every player in New Zealand, which casino offers amazing bonuses and they will tell you Wild Tokyo. This online casino commits regular and weekly specials. There are thousands of pokies to select from. Wild Tokyo got you covered, it doesn’t matter if you want to play slots, online blackjack, or play video slots. 


  • Low wagering condition on the welcome or no deposit bonuses 
  • High bet limits 
  • Free spins upon registration 
  • Thousands of slots to select from 


  • The welcome bonus is not high as opposed to other casino providers 


Kiwi players today have some superior choices with regards to slots, however, based on my study, Nomini sets them apart from the rest due to the massive choices of slots, wide props bets, and awesome bonuses.  Nomini is extensively notorious for its virtual gaming platform is the place for many Kiwi players. There are many high-quality games including live dealer.


  • Countless progressive jackpots
  • Many games including slots and table games
  • Remarkable theme and high-quality graphic


  • Lack of information about bonuses


This online gaming platform will treat players to the traditional stuff, limited and special benefits, bonuses, and amazing prizes. What is more, players can also gain from a high withdrawal limit, a customized account manager as well as a high bet limit. With thousands of games to choose from, it’s easy to see why Playzilla is one of the most visited online gaming platform in New Zealand.


  • Many types of welcome bonuses
  • Many online casino games
  • Friendly customer service


  • Website design is the basis of normal

How to Look for an Ideal Apple Pay Pokies NZ

Like any other type of service, it is also hard and complex to find the best Apple Pay pokies. This is due to the number of casinos in New Zealand that accept this payment method. If you want to have a remarkable experience at an online casino, we can help you by providing the factors you must consider in finding a good platform to play slots.

  • Tons of casino games on their website
  • Utmost security and safety
  • Great promotions, bonuses, and specials
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Support various kinds of customer assistance

Surely, the easiest thing that you can do is to try the online casino platforms mentioned above. We carefully review online casinos using vital factors so you are assured that our recommendation is outstanding.

How to Use Apple Pay in Playing Slots

Many players most especially the newbies are always asking how can use this payment method to play slots. You are in the right place as we will guide you in the step-by-step process. But, firstly, make sure to connect the debit card you have to your payment account to allow you to withdraw your money from your banking account.

  • Register a Card: Using your phone, open the app and click Add Card.
  • Fill the Box with the required Information: Manually insert the card’s information. You can also take a picture of the card and let the app read the details.
  • Check Identity: A six-digit will send to you for card verification. Input the code to the box and finish the process.
  • Your Account is Set: Your account is set. You can deposit funds using your phone with ease.
  • Pick a Casino: Find the best casino go to the banking options and choose Apple Pay to deposit.

Perks and Flaws of Apple Pay Pokies NZ


  • Security of your Information: There is no need for you to submit vital information when depositing.
  • Touch and Dace ID Security: You make use of an exceptional touch ID or Face ID when making payments. No one can access your money or account.
  • Convenient: You can link your debit card, thus allowing you to make payments as fast as possible.
  • Fast Transactions: After the verification, you will see the money shown in your account


  • Only Used by Few Casinos in New Zealand: This payment method is only used by few casinos because of many factors like exclusive to iOS phones. 
  • Payout is not Supported: You have to find another way to withdraw your money as pple Pay doesn’t support withdrawal process.

Apple Pay Pokies NZ: Top Bonus Deals

This is where Apple Pay pokies renowned. Players have the chance to avail the many bonuses offer that takes account of the following: 

Welcome Bonuses

A welcome bonus can also be a non-deposit bonus upon signing up. But as a smart gambler, you need to pay attention to the wagering condition of this bonus. 

Other Promotions Offered

It is advisable to visit the Promotion page of the casino to grasp an idea of what you can gain as a loyal player. Here, you may find reload bonuses, free spin as well as poker tournaments. 

Apple Pay Pokies Alternatives

  • PayPal: A renowned digital wallet for casinos online. You can deposit fast and securely, keeping your personal information safe and sound.
  • Skrill: This is also a common e-wallet in the field of online casinos. There is no need to enter personal information to complete the process. This is also a safe and secure method.
  • Boku: This sets apart from the rest when it comes to convenience and speed. It is an exceptional payment scheme for depositing. It just needs you to submit your mobile phone.

Apple Pay Pokies NZ: To Sum Up

Apple Pay Pokies NZ are indeed popular and extremely remarkable. These online platforms give players an array of games and provide them access to various kinds of bonuses such as welcome bonuses, free spins, and other promotions. Players safety is assured due to the state of the art technology imposed by this payment method like the Face or Touch ID verification system.

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